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NLLNLL Directory

North Division East Division West Division
Buffalo Bandits Buffalo Bandits Georgia Swarm Georgia Swarm Calgary Roughnecks Calgary Roughnecks
Halifax Thunderbirds Halifax Thunderbirds New England Black Wolves New England Black Wolves Colorado Mammoth Colorado Mammoth
Rochester Knighthawks Rochester Knighthawks New York Riptide New York Riptide San Diego Seals San Diego Seals
Toronto Rock Toronto Rock Philadelphia Wings Philadelphia Wings Saskatchewan Rush Saskatchewan Rush
        Vancouver Warriors Vancouver Warriors
        Fort Worth 2021-22 Fort Worth 2021-22

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Non-Roster Players

Aa - Ac Ad - Al Am - Aq Ar - Az                
Ba - Bd Be - Bh Bi - Bn Bo - Bq Br - Bt Bu - Bz            
Ca - Can Cao - Cg Ch - Ck Cl - Cn Co - Con Coo - Cq Cr - Ct Cu - Cz        
Da - Dd De - Dh Di - Dn Do - Dq Dr - Dt Du - Dz            
Ea - En Eo - Ez                    
Fa - Fe Ff - Fn Fo - Fq Fr - Fz                
Ga - Gd Ge - Gh Gi - Gk Gl - Gn Go - Gq Gr - Gt Gu - Gz          
Ha - Han Hao - Hd He - Hh Hi - Hn Ho - Ht Hu - Hz            
Ja - Jg Jh - Joh Joi - Jz                  
Ka - Kd Ke - Kh Ki - Kk Kl - Kn Ko - Kq Kr - Kt Ku - Kz          
La - Ld Le - Lh Li - Ln Lo - Lt Lu - Lz              
Ma - Mac Mad - Man Mao - Mar Mas - Mb Mc - McF McG - Md Me - Mh Mi - Mn Mo - Mt Mu - Mz    
Na - Nh Ni - Nz                    
Pa - Pd Pe - Pg Ph - Pn Po - Pq Pr - Pz              
Ra - Rd Re - Rh Ri - Rn Ro - Rt Ru - Rz              
Sa - Sb Sc - Sd Se - Sg Sh - Sl Sm Sn - So Sp - Ss St - St Su - Sz      
Ta - Td Te - Tg Th Ti - Tn To - Tq Tr - Tt Tu - Tz          
Va - Vd Ve - Vz                    
Wa - Wd We - Wg Wh Wi - Wn Wo - Wq Wr - Wz            

NLLFormer NLL Teams

Anaheim Storm Anaheim Storm Arizona Sting Arizona Sting
Boston Blazers Boston Blazers Chicago Shamrox Chicago Shamrox
Edmonton Rush Edmonton Rush New York Titans New York Titans
Orlando Titans Orlando Titans Philadelphia Wings Philadelphia Wings 1987-2014
Portland LumberJax Portland LumberJax Rochester Knighthawks Rochester Knighthawks 1995-2019
San Jose Stealth San Jose Stealth Vancouver Stealth Vancouver Stealth
Washington Stealth Washington Stealth